What's in a menu?

“When you do a menu at a restaurant, you have to be the engineer of that menu. It has to be a crowd-pleaser.” – Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Putting together a menu at BOOKPLATE is never a random matter. As a café that serves up to 400 meals per day, in everything we do we try to take a purposeful and curated approach.

A lot of thought has gone into the latest refresh of our menu. The aim was to keep serving crowd favourites (hello, smashed avo!), while incorporating some more trendy elements. The outcome? Very BOOKPLATE: classic with a trendy edge.

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The specials board: the birthplace of new dishes

Our specials menu changes weekly, and gives our chefs the chance to try out new ideas. The really popular dishes often go on to be tweaked and refined, and may eventually wind up as part of our daily offering.

Market research and trends

Keeping a finger on the pulse of restaurant and food trends is essential to creating a menu that appeals to restaurant goers. Expectations have changed, and we’re expected to keep on top of what’s popular. Regular trips to check out what trendy cafes in Sydney and Melbourne are doing always leaves us inspired.

The devil’s in the detail

Every new BOOKPLATE dish must be curated from scratch, assembled, costed, proportioned and styled. This can sometimes mean months of refining to get it just right. Our resident food stylist will often style a dish two or three times before it’s given the seal of approval.

Training the staff

Once we know a dish is going to be part of our menu, our kitchen staff need to be trained to make it, and to make it consistently. Then our wait staff are briefed, and finally the dish must be programmed into our electronic systems for payment.

When all is said and done, the main proof of a successful menu choice lies in how much the customer loves it.

Here are a couple of our top picks from the new menu items. We hope to see you at BOOKPLATE soon!

Breakfast: for something different, try the new Chilli Scramble. Scrambled eggs combine with coconut, onion, ginger, green chilli and mustard seeds in an explosion of flavour, and served atop delicious toasted sourdough.

Lunch: the Pulled Pork Tacos are proving to be a new crowd favourite. A generous serving of three soft tortillas, topped with eighteen hour slow-cooked pulled pork, offset with the crunch of red cabbage, corn, capsicum & red onion salsa, coriander, and finished with peri peri mayonnaise.

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