This goes with that: 3 winning BOOKPLATE combos

At BOOKPLATE, "fresh and delicious" is our food motto. We also believe the right beverage can take your breakfast or lunch from fine to fantastic. Here are 3 suggested combinations from our menu.

Smashed Avocado + Knuckle Duster Juice

Who doesn't loved smashed avocado? An absolute breakfast winner. Lashings of smashed avo combined with whipped fetta adorn crunchy toasted sourdough. Scattered with seeds and nuts, and served with a lemon garnish, this winning breakfast option pairs fabulously with our knuckle duster juice (orange + carrot + ginger + lemon), or any of our juices for that matter!

Chicken Chimichanga + Henkell Rhine Valley sparkling

​Sparkling wine and Mexican-inspired fare are a match made in heaven. To go with our chicken chimichanga (chipotle chicken + mixed leaves + chilli salsa + cilantro yoghurt) we recommend the Henkell Rhine Valley sparkling for its light fizz and fruity flavours.

Salmon Nicoise Salad + Lerida Estate Chardonnay

The delicious flavours and textures in this salad (salmon fillets + sugar snap peas + olives + mesculin + poached egg + cherry tomatoes + green goddess dressing) match perfectly with a buttery white wine like Lerida Estate Chardonnay to counteract the richness of the salmon and the sauce.

Bon appetit!

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