Just juicy: 3 easy-peasy summer refreshers

"Every once in awhile, a girl has to indulge herself!" – Carrie Bradshaw

It’s official: summer has arrived. While it's tempting to reach straight for the chilled rosé, ideally we need several alcohol-free days per week for optimum health. Luckily with these three delicious juice recipes, you’ll not miss it one bit.

These are packed with vitamins and minerals, and served with plenty of ice you’ll be left feeling both virtuous, and cool as a cucumber. Enjoy!

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watermelon + lime + mint

Watermelon and lime combine to create a sweet refreshing beverage with a citrusy edge. The addition of mint cleanses the palate while aiding digestion.

Ingredients & method

Just blend 4-5 slices of watermelon (skin removed, obviously) with a dash of lime juice (fresh or bottled) and serve in a pretty, tall glass over plenty of ice cubes. Garnish with mint leaves and add a funky straw and you’re set!

Knuckle Duster

orange + carrot + ginger + lemon

Oranges pack a vitamin C punch, while carrot adds vitamin A through beta carotene (and will reportedly help you see in the dark…don’t quote us on that, though). Ginger and lemon add a zesty edge.

Ingredients & method

Peel and chop 2 oranges and 1 carrot, and throw into a blender with 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger. Pour into a glass over plenty of ice cubes, and serve with a slice of lemon (if you love lemon you can squeeze a little into the glass).

Super Green

kale + apple + celery

Not only delicious and refreshing, you’ll get a good dose of greens in for the day.

Ingredients & method

Chop 2 green apples and 3 sticks of celery and combine in a blender with 2 kale leaves. Serve over ice cubes in a pretty glass. Tip: use crushed ice for a slushie-style juice.

Tip: for a slushie-style juice, use crushed ice.

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