3 must-have kitchen utensils

“...no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” ― Julia Child, My Life in France

BOOKPLATE Head Chef Nat spills on her top three handiest tools for the kitchen - completely applicable for all of you nifty home chefs, too!

1. Kitchen knife

It goes without saying, really. Of course you need a knife (or set of knives) in the kitchen. But quality definitely matters. Nat's advice is that if you only have one kitchen knife, make it a good one.

"Sometimes cheap ones are ok, but there are a few qualities that I look for in a decent knife," she says. "A well-balanced knife with a good weight to it is really important. I like to make sure it feels good in my hand."

Pick one that stays sharp (Wiltshire do a great stay-sharp knife), or invest in a good knife sharpener – it will make your life in the kitchen much easier (no more squashed tomatoes!)

Nat recommends Furi, as the handle and blade are one piece, meaning it won't rust or come apart. (Bonus – they're Australian-made!)

2. Mandolin

Nat's next pick is a mandolin. No, not the stringed musical instrument that you might hear featured in classical music or bluegrass. The kitchen kind. Why?

"It does so many things!" says Nat. "It's great for peeling and slicing green pawpaw, and it shreds and peels vegetables like a dream. It's even easy to peel ginger with a mandolin."

All the better for creating delicious, healthy salads packed full of gorgeous veggies!

3. Ice cream scoop

Nat's final pick isn't only handy for getting the perfectly rounded dollop of your favourite ice cream (mmm…icecream…), but can also be used in other ways.

"I like to use an ice cream scoop to get perfect and even quantities of batter for fritters, muffins, and pancakes," says Nat.

Perhaps you like a more "rustic" approach, but there is something very appealing about perfectly sized fritters, pancakes and muffins.

And, of course, perfectly sized dollops of icecream.

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