Lady Larissa and the art of floristry

BOOKPLATE floral display by Larissa

“I must have flowers, always, and always.” - Claude Monet

If you’re a regular BOOKPLATE visitor, you’ll no doubt have noticed the stunning floral installations that form a characteristic part of the café’s visual style.

Larissa Hrstic, aka “Lady Larissa”, is the accomplished florist behind BOOKPLATE’S beautiful installations. Here, she explains how she uses flowers to bring colour, vibrance, and even emotional connection to BOOKPLATE, making it a cafe where visitors want to dwell, rather than just grab their morning coffee to go.

Flower Power (or, the psychology of flowers)

We’ve all heard about how colour can impact our psyches. For instance, blue is known to be soothing, green can be restful and have a balancing effect, orange and yellow are stimulating and fun, and red is the colour of physicality and, of course, love.

Tower of macaroons framed by vases of purple and white blooms

By bringing colour into BOOKPLATE using flowers, we’re aiming to create a positive emotional response for visitors. Whether they represent love, friendship or gratitude, according to Lady Larissa, flowers have a special ability to make people happy.

“Flowers represent life in a way,” she says. “It sounds really cheesy, but I like the idea that flowers can inspire people and make them feel something.”

Natural and untamed is best

Lady Larissa’s background in graphic design, and her time spent in London working with influential florists, has enabled her to develop her own unique and personal floristry style. Influenced by English gardens, Larissa prefers natural looking arrangements.

Stunning wildflower arrangement in teal glass vase

“I like my flowers to look wild and free, which I also believe reflects my personality. I don’t like structured blooms. I think things are more beautiful when they’re left untamed. My style of floristry is quite organic and romantic.”

Keeping it fresh

From week to week, you’ll see the floral displays in BOOKPLATE change – Australian natives one week, winter roses the following. According to Lady Larissa, this helps to keep the space feeling fresh and vibrant.

Detail of wildflower arrangement with bound books

"It's amazing how just changing the flowers can bring a whole new feel to the space," she says. "Deep red roses for the first weeks of winter gives a feeling of dark romanticism. Vibrant natives user in a feeling of summer, while spring blooms such asdahlias and tulips with wild trailing foliage mimics the experience of being outdoors in an overgrown garden."

We are proud to support such a talented local artist here at BOOKPLATE and look forward to the visual delights Lady Larissa creates every Tuesday.

See Lady Larissa at work in this short and sweet video:

Lady Larissa video

Check her out on Facebook and Insta, and browse her impressive portfolio of work on her website.

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